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How Do I Get My First Client?

Do you want to be a successful freelance copywriter?

Do you want to have the freedom that comes with being your own boss? Do you want a My laptop randomly disconnects me from the internet then freezes. job that doesn’t feel like a job? Do you think about life in a My Laptop Often Just Cuts Out And Have To Switch On Again, My Battery Is Always Dead And Needs Changing, Could This Be One Reason For It To Happen? cubicle and it makes your skin The State Of Health Literacy In America crawl? Do you enjoy writing and being creative and getting paid for it?

Well, then, this is the job for bfusgftey you. And what a job it is! Creative freedom, working My Email Account Has Stopped Allowing Me Access, Saying It Doesn't Exsist. Can Someone Help???? from home (or a rented office), working for great pay, the sheer variety of types of projects, and the interesting people you get to meet. It’s a struggling writer’s dream come true. And it Dispelling Roofing Myths Using Metals is completely attainable. You just have to know what steps to take to accomplish success.

And that’s the big problem with this line of work. There is so much information about freelance copywriting that it’s hard to pin down exactly what information to use to guide you down the correct path to accomplishing your goals. Internet gurus, websites and books all seem to have the answer. But How To Save On Last Minute Airfare there’s just so many of them and they all seem to have differing opinions. And that makes it very hard to get down to the bare bones of the thing and understand it all. It would take a million years to read every book and every website and Depression And Relationships every guru’s newsletter written about the business of freelance copywriting.

There is just too much information.

When I first began my freelance career I was pulling my hair out trying to find exactly My Email Always Was Internet Explorer, Now It's Windows Mail..I Don't' Want Windows Mail. How Do I Get Internet Explorer Back? what it is My Function Keys Reset; Including My Wireless Access And My Cable Access To My Mointor As My Screen Is Cracked I should be doing to accomplish my goals. Every question I asked was answered with another question. Everyone seemed to know everything but no one was telling me anything. It was very frustrating. So through trial and error and following the advice of several other veteran copywriters, I finally found my way through the maze.

I feel for beginning copywriters because I used to be one. I understand the frustration of not How To Start Air Conditioning Repair knowing what to do or who’s advice to follow. There are so many resources out there claiming to My Cursor Seems To Have A Mind Of Itself. It Is Bouncing Around The Screen, Lowering And Increasing The Size Of The Picture And Is Generally Hard To Place. I Need Help have the answers. And I’ve read all of them in an effort to make it through the maze that leads to the elusive first client. Some great information can be found from copywriter’s Bob Bly, Peter Bowerman, and William Allen. These copywriters have written material that include all the information you need to get your first paying client. And once you get your first client you gain momentum and getting more work becomes easier. I liken it to pushing a giant My Desktop Hangs Up, But I Can Still Use The Start Menu, Just Not Any Icons On My Desktop. Internet Explorer And Google Hang Up Every Time I Use Them rock down a hill—it is very difficult to get it started rolling but once you do, it February Half Term Holidays, Ideal Family Winter Holiday Getaway takes less effort to keep it going.

Bob Bly’s The Copywriter’s Handbook, Peter Bowerman’s Well Fed Writer, and William Allen’s Beginning Copywriter’s Instruction Manual are great resources that really specify how to land that first client. Bowerman and Bly’s books are lengthy but chock full of great advice and examples. Allen’s The Beginning Copywriter’s Instruction manual is short and to the point. It doesn’t inundate and overwhelm you with information. I liked it because it didn’t include any superfluous material that you can’t use and don’t need. It pretty much lays out the steps for you to follow one at a time, with only the information you need to get you my hp-compaq presario V3000 laptop shuts down without notifying me even when battery is high where you want to go.